Dinevate Services

We're here to help you succeed in the digital world

At Dinevate, we know that running a restaurant can be tough. So, we provide different services to help restaurant owners increase their sales.

Lastest Technology Websites

Dinevate is great at making special websites just for your business. Our websites let your customers easily order food (under 30 seconds), sign up for their own account & log in, add money to their wallets, use gift cards, and get loyalty points every time they buy something. We use the newest technology to make sure these features not only make your website more fun to use but also help more people find and think highly of your brand.

Online Management

With a Dinevate account, online restaurant management becomes straightforward and allows for full control around the clock. It is possible to update the website, access detailed information on orders and payments, and view restaurant users at any time. Customization of pickup and delivery options to align with business operations is seamless. Moreover, setting up the menu and updating available items for customers can be accomplished with just a few clicks. With Dinevate,you are the one making all important decisions.

Online Ordering

Dinevate streamlines the process for customers to order food from restaurants. Orders can be placed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. A simple and easy-to-use interface allows for food orders to be completed in under 30 seconds. Orders and payments are trackable in real-time, with detailed customer information accessible. Menu adjustments? Effortless and achievable in a few clicks. Need insights on customer origins? Dinevate provides comprehensive coverage. With Dinevate, control is in the hands of the restaurant.

Social Media & SEO Marketing

Dinevate manages social media, keeping accounts active and engaging. It ensures websites are search-engine friendly. Assistance is provided for Google My Business, making it easier to be located on Google Maps or Apple Maps. Efforts are made to increase restaurant visibility to a wide audience.

E-Mail Marketing

Dinevate helps with email marketing by using the list of customers you have. This means you can easily send them special offers, updates, and news. For example, if customer haven' placed order for a week, they would get an e-mail automatically. With Dinevate. giving specials, or coupons is only one-click away. This way, Dinevate makes it easy to keep in touch with your customers and helps your restaurant grow.

Order Manager App

Order Manager App allows for the viewing and managing of orders from platforms such as DoorDash, Grubhub,Slice, and UberEats on a single device, eliminating the necessity for multiple devices. Facilitates the printing of orders. Designed to ensure no orders are missed, streamlining operations and maintaining customer satisfaction. Dinevate users always have full control over their orders.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Dinevate helps you with loyalty programs and gift cards. This way, you can reward your customers for their loyalty and encourage them to come back. Dinevate makes it easy to set up and manage these programs. You can also use gift cards to attract new customers and increase sales.

Logo & Branding & Menu

Dinevate helps with branding and menu design. It offers help to create a unique logo for your restaurant. Also, it makes your menu look better to draw in more customers. This way, your place can stand out from others and get more people to come.